Waterman Broadcasting has selected Flowcode to be our sole QR code vendor. We made the choice for several reasons, chief among which is their unparalleled experience in CTV.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands, Flowcode’s QR codes are the highest converting codes available on the market today.

And now they’re available on your commercials!

It's not black & white! Your brand, your colors

Not only can we custom-design your Flowcode, so it stands out from the crowd - we have dozens of ways to integrate the code into your current TV commercial. Check out one sample below.

All codes include the option to have a custom destination ‘Flowpage’ created if needed (the sample above uses a Flowpage), have users directed to your website or even use a 'Scan to Call' feature. 

AI can also change the destination based on a number of variables, including day/hour of the week or type of device used to scan the code.

Trackable Data Points

  • Device type (iOS, Android, Other)

  • Most popular day of the week

  • Most popular hour of the day

  • Scans by unique customer

  • Location analysis

  • Flowpage link clicks

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